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Whether you’re updating your business or corporate headshots, adding to your modelling portfolio, or getting your latest look for your acting headshots, one way to throw off the whole shot, is to not pay special attention to hair. Hair is such a big deal in headshots, that it warrants attention.

With hair for headshots, I like it simple. But at the same time, I’m picky. I’m picky because hair is such a particular thing, and it’s a big part of the photograph in headshots. Hair is really important to people, we can’t underestimate how important.

We’ve all seen those headshots were a person’s hair looks like a helmet. No sign of life going on. It’s not a good look. Hair is personal, so we have to make sure we get it right. Getting it right is all about the small details. Messy hair is also one of the most difficult things to fix in editing, it can look over retouched really fast if i don’t take care of it in camera. 

So, there’s a lot going on with hair, but here’s just a few of the things that we do during your headshot session to make sure it’s looking its best.

Go With What you Know

This is the only part that’s completely on you. It’s always best to show up to the shoot as you’d like it photographed and would typically have it on a good hair day. If we start off in a good place, then we’re ahead of the curve.

Many moons ago, I had a client arrive for their shoot straight from the salon. The hair stylist, upon hearing that they were heading to a photoshoot afterwards, suggested a new look.

Cool, hey? Not really, the lady couldn’t stand their new hair cut, it was drastically different from her usual style. On this shoot I could feel the frustration and emotion, so we had to rebook to shoot after her hair great out roughly two months later!

Beware over helpful hair stylists just before your headshot session! Yes to tidying up your follicles, however not the time to experiment. 

Mind The Gap!

Hair is constantly on the move while we’re shooting. Sometimes, the hair can fall in a way which creates a large gap through the strands. We’ll see light, and the background coming through it. This isn’t unusual, and happens quite a bit during a shoot, especially as we’re going to be moving your head around to find the best angles. These large gaps, as well as looking untidy and distracting, can make your hair appear thinner, no matter how thick it actually is. So let’s be aware and watch out for that during the shoot to make sure we catch it before I press the shutter for the shot.

Hair Slugs

Watch out for “hair slugs”l. This is when longer hair is neither in front of, nor behind your shoulders. It’s on there, sitting there, sprawled across your shoulders, messing everything up for our shot! Not only does it look messy, it can make your shoulders appear wider than they actually are, adding weight! I’ll be watching out for this during the shoot. There’s going to be times when your hair just naturally falls across your shoulders because I’m having you do head gymnastics for posing. But I’ll make sure it’s back in it’s rightful place before we shoot, avoiding slugs! 

In the photo below you can see Canh Vinh has a hair slug on her left shoulder, her right shoulder is how hair should look, stunning!

The Pony

Pony tails are great. I only usually do them with people who don’t mind their hair in a pony or wear it that way on occasion. It gets the hair out of your face and allows me to get a beautiful wrap around of the light on your cheeks. I usually suggest trying your hair in a pony later on in the shoot to change things up a little. And every time, people are surprised at how different the shots look with hair off their face. 

Facial Hair

Guys who have a bit of a scruff, who sometimes also go clean shaven and let it grow back out, I always encourage to bring a razor and some shaving cream along to the shoot with you. I like to provide as much value as possible to you. One way of doing this is to show different versions of the same person. We can shoot first with your beard, and then when we’ve got some cool shots of that in the bag, you can go shave it off and we can shoot some more shots clean shaven. It’ll be like a new you! (A little birdy told me guys read this part too)

So there you have it. This is just few of the things we’ll be doing during your session, so that you leave completely confident that you look your best!

Thanks for reading the post, guys. I really appreciate your time. 

It’d be great to chat and see how I can help you change up your headshot game!

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