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So, we’re talking about the face.

…and the short answer to this is yes. But this is far from a short answer question.

This is a sensitive topic for some people, and in day to day life, the best side of your face doesn’t matter very much at all. People don’t generally tend to stare at your face in day to day life for more than a millisecond.  But your headshot? People will look at it. So as a headshot photographer, I think it’s important, to know your best side, and be aware that it exists. 

The chances are that you will already know what your best angle is.

Consciously, you’ll probably turn your face slightly to one side every time somebody get’s their mobile phone out for a group picture on a night out. Subconsciously, you’ll probably part your hair on your “good” side. Most people subconsciously part their hair on their good side, to open up that side of the face. 

Do you do subconsciously?

In reality there’s no “good” or “bad side”.

It’s important not to confuse having a “good” side, with also having a “bad” side. Let’s call it a “better” side. Because this shouldn’t turn into a conversation about how good looking somebody is. It’s simply about what your best angle is. I’m certain there’s not a single person on earth who has a perfectly symmetrical face. 

We all have our best angles.

Even those people held up as perfect on our tv screens. Ariana Grande? Beautiful lady. But good luck finding a recent photograph of her on her right side. Her left side is her best angle, she’ll tend to pose with her left side towards the camera during photoshoots. That’s completely normal, for some their best angle is straight on, their left or right might be absolutely fine, but their best angle is straight on, it doesn’t mean they’re symmetrical, it’s their best angle. You don’t need to have the conversation about what your best angle is with your photographer, it’s important that you and your photographer are both comfortable enough about the subject to not just ignore it and end up photographing an angle that isn’t your best one. 

So what’s your best side?

Most people, it’s the left. It’s not a big difference though. Roughly 60% of people have better angles on their left side.  For me personally, it’s definitely my left side, when I take my own headshot, I’ll have shadow cast on my right side, so you get my best angle in brighter light.

Shadowing up men works a treat, because it can bring out our masculine features, for women you have to turn them a little, shadowing can look harsh. With a little patience during the shoot you will become an expert at your best angle at no extra charge!

Your photo session will be all about presenting yourself in the best way for you, this is my gig and what we’ll do together.

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