WELCOME to MR HEADSHOT – Photography

Are professional headshots for your Company Profile, CV, Staff, Linkedin,
Social Media Profiles or other purposes necessary these days?

Recently I did a photoshoot for a company who wanted new headshots for their staff, their website and other online and offline marketing they were updating. They were also hiring new people when the company director said something exciting to me, which was:

“If the person applying for employment doesn’t have a great headshot on their LinkedIn profile, it’s rare we give them a second look.”

So what types of people use Mr Headshot Photography Services in and around Melbourne?

Company Directors

If you’re a company director, chances are you already realise the value a great headshot delivers. And whether your company director headshot is for your website, LinkedIn profile or other online or offline marketing, you can be sure you’ll get the professional images you’re after and more, using Mr Headshot Melbourne. 

Business Executives

Over the years we’ve conducted hundreds of professional headshot sessions for and of business executives in Victoria with great success. Why do they prefer Mr Headshot?

Simple, we have decades of experience in taking headshots for business executives in all types of locations and poses for all kinds of reasons. And they’ve all been done on time and within budget on-site or in one of our photography studios.

Student and Graduate CV’s

Going after that dream job with your dream employer and need to make a great impression? Whether you like it or not, the second a potential employers receive your application they are going to scope you out online, so a professional headshot is a game changer.

First impressions count, so the headshot on your LinkedIn profile or CV is either going to capture your personality and attributes to connect with potential employers, or turn them off in a matter of seconds.

Actors and Models

If you’re an actor or a model, you appreciate the value of having a great headshot portfolio. The headshots in your portfolio can make it or break it, so contact us at Mr Headshot Melbourne for headshots guaranteed to work.

Whatever your professional headshot need or purpose is, they’re 100% private, fun and interactive. YOU are the star.

Discover more

At the moment we coming out of “lockdown” therefore have rethought our services, website and purpose to create better value and a fantastic professional headshot service at Mr Headshot Melbourne which can be totally customised to you, your needs and your budget.

So if you’re a company director, business, actor, student or someone else who desires a natural, fun, high-quality professional headshot experience in Melbourne, give us call at Mr Headshot Melbourne today for more information.

Contact us on bookings@mrheadshot.com.au to discuss more.