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Five Minutes With Mr Headshot Photography Melbourne

Owner : Edwin Reese

Title     : Mr Headshot Guy

Location :  Melbourne, Australia

Services :  Professional Corporate, Actor, Student Headshots & Pet Photography Services


Sure is, I’ve always loved taking photographs of almost anything and everything since I was a little boy. Way back then I thought it would be fantastic to be able to make a living doing something I love, while making other people look good at the same time. So when I turned seventeen, I was first hired as a Professional Wedding Photographer and from there I haven’t looked back.

No. I also own and operate a pet photography business called Shoot My Pet in Melbourne. Moving from pet and portrait shoots to incorporate business, products, and services give me the diversity that I love and keeps me on my toes. I also love getting to know all the wonderful people and their pets that come to me for photoshoots because it inspires me to continually raise the bar so I can capture people or their pets sharing thorugh art the best versions of people’s life story.

WOW, how hasn’t it changed! Technology such as iPhones have played a significant factor in photography. Some of the big camera suppliers and services have gone, and new photography services and products have taken their place. At the end of the day though it’s like everything in life and business. Everything evolves and at times that can be good and other times bad.

Well if you’re a CEO, a business professional or student with a LinkedIn profile, company marketing material that is just doing photos taken on your iPhone, that can hurt your business, brand and these days even your social reputation. So that isn’t good. You’ll find no shortage of scary profile headshots, corporate marketing materials and student CV’s or headshots that look cheap, have low lighting and basically don’t put people or their business in their best light.

Look at it this way-

You’re a CEO going for a new job starting at $800,000 a year. Are you going to use a photo on your CV taken with your iPhone? Most CEO’s I know don’t, they come to the team and me. Why? Because they see it as an investment, not a cost. 

You know I’ve been taking student and corporate headshots for over 15 years  and doing expert photography in Melbourne for 35 years and I still and probably never will know it all. 

Why? Because each person, location, photoshoot and pet photo I take is unique. Different people want different things, some people do not know what they want, and others wish to be outside the box, which is why I love what I do at Mr Headshot. 

But getting back to your question about what advice I can share before getting a professional corporate headshot done I’d say this:

First, go easy on the makeup. Please keep it simple, fresh and natural, so it captures the real you. Whether you’re a CEO or deliver the mail, people do still business with people so keep it natural. 

Second avoid the prison mugshot. Don’t stand front on shoulders forward to the camera. It’s threatening and looks like you’re in prison having a mugshot taken. 

Thirdly. Talk to three. You want to speak with at least three different photographers who have proven experience in taking corporate and student headshots. Professional photography is an intimate and personal experience. It’s crucial you are comfortable to connect with and can communicate freely with your professional headshot photographer. 

Finally Smile. Have fun with it. Far too many people go into professional headshot sessions stressed out about it. This is also on the photographer though. I tend to think of, like going to the Dentist. A lot of people freak out about going to the Dentist, but you’ll also find the great Dentists, can make patients feel at ease. And getting your professional headshot done should be fun and relaxed, or that’s what I focus on at least.

At Mr Headshot Melbourne we shoot a lot of different people
& business professionals in a lot of different ways.

You can come to us for your photoshoot in one of our state-of-the-art photography studios, or we can come to you if you are in or around Melbourne.