WELCOME to MR HEADSHOT – Photography


There are only two sessions per day. One morning session, one afternoon.  This means people are not coming and going constantly, there’s usually only one Photographer in the studio, with perhaps an assistant, this makes it easy to disinfect between shooting.

Only two sessions mean that you get all the time we need for your shoot. For this reason we can all relax. I’m not going to keep you any longer than needed to get your images perfect, we also don’t need to rush your session because somebody else is booked in after you. Each person gets all the attention needed to create headshots which fit your needs perfectly. 

The part of the shoot that takes time, which is in fact the essence of each shot, is the expression. It’s much more important to produce quality work that I can be proud of, that you get value from, than have you walk out less than excited and proud. 

The expression people want is confidence and approachability. We might get there immediately, it might take an hour to get there, but that’s fine we won’t be clock watching. You will have plenty of time to do outfit changes etc. you want to do. (there’s no limit on outfit changes/looks).

Throughout the session I’ll be coaching you on everything you need to know. Expression, angles, positioning, hair, all of that stuff which you don’t need to worry about. The aim of the session is to get some great shots, and I’ll spend as little or as long as is needed in order to get them. I love shooting headshots, so I’m in no rush to finish any shoot. As well as projecting confidence and approachability, you need to look relaxed, competent, like you’re in control of your world and that around you. If your image doesn’t send that to a person looking at it, then your headshot could be doing you more harm than good. It’s all about the subtle message, the first impression people subconsciously feel when they see our headshot.  We will get the perfect mix of confidence and approachability by having some fun with it.

During the shoot we will stop and look at images we’ve taken, so you can see what shots we’re getting, if there’s anything you want to change, we can do it on the spot.

You’ll love the experience and no doubt be an awesome advocate for MrHeadShot!

After the session we do a sort and check, posting images to your own private online viewing gallery. You find some quiet time to sit down, grab a coffee, and review all of the images we shot. From there, you’ll pick your shots to be professionally edited and retouched.  Once chosen and edited as well as the high resolution JPEGs, I’ll make sure you receive the same shots custom sized and cropped for social media platforms like LinkedIn. That’ll save you the trouble of re-sizing and cropping the shots after you receive them.


The studio based headshot session fee is $385. This Includes;

  • A morning or afternoon shoot

  • Unlimited Outfit Changes

  • Shoot Preparation with coaching from us

  • One on One Post Session Advice For Image Selection – one image is included in the session fee.

($66 per image inc. professional retouching)

I don’t want you to pay for more than you need, clearly every person has different needs, not packaging images makes sure you’re not over committing or under committing in terms of how many images you require from the session. You are 100% in control

I’m fully committed to ensuring your headshot is the very highest quality, working for you and representing you in the way you need it to. My   business is based on referrals, I focus on making you look so good you tell your friends all about your new headshots and the experience.

Group Business & Corporate Headshot packages are available both in either Studio or at your preferred location.